Basic Footgolf Rules (including our local rules)


Footgolf is a combination of Soccer and Golf. The skill of Soccer combined with the skill, rules and etiquette of Golf.

Footgolf is played for the most part without the supervision of a referee, however children under the age of 12 will only be allowed to play if accompanied by an adult.

The game depends on the integrity of the players to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner. Demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times is the spirit of the Footgolf game. The holes are to be played in order, and no running on the course.

Slow players must call the group behind through if they are being held up.

If your ball is heading towards another player shout 'FORE' to warn the player. Do not play your shot if there are other players in your way. Wait until they move on, or until they call you to play through.


Before turning up for a game, it is advised that you call in advance to book a time on our time sheet. We don't want you turning up and being disappointed that you can not get a game. (Mt Gravatt Mini Golf and Footgolf – 3107 3218)



  1. Wear appropriate clothing. Polos or T-Shirts, shorts. Skirts or pants. Social Footgolfers can wear soccer shirts and shorts. 

  2. Soccer shoes with studs are not allowed. Trainers, Indoor or turf soccer shoes are appropriate.

  3. To prevent injury, bare feet, thongs or open toed shoes are not allowed.

  4. Your Soccer ball should be easily identifiable, print your name or a number on your ball. We have balls that you may use.

    Basic Playing Rules

   1 The ball must be played in a single movement. You are not allowed to push the ball with the              top or bottom of your foot. Your foot should be set separate from the ball, clearly behind,                before you kick. For example, you are not allowed to rest your foot on top of the ball and roll it        using the sole of your foot. Penalty – two shots.

   2. Wait until the ball has come completely to rest. You will occur a two shot penalty  if you stop             the ball from rolling.

   3. 'Tee off' from a position from up to 2 metres behind the tee markers. Social play is from the             White  Markers. The Back Markers (Orange) are only for competition play and may not be                 used during social play. The player with the lowest number of kicks from the previous hole               kicks off first. (The Honour).

   4. After the tee shot, the player furthest from the hole is the next to kick the ball.

   5. Play the ball from where it lies. It is not allowed to move the ball, unless you are in Ground                Under Repair, Out of Bounds or signage permits. In the case where  two balls are so close to            each other that they cause obstruction, one of them can be marked and moved, but must be           returned to the marked position.

   6. If the ball lands in an area marked 'Out Of Bounds' (white stakes) The ball Must be brought              back into play within two metres, no nearer the hole and adding a penalty of two shots. (This          represents stroke  and distance, but saves returning to where the ball was played from to save        time)

   7. Do not play the ball from any golf green other than the hole you are playing. If your ball lands           on to the wrong green, a free drop is allowed 5 metres away from the green no nearer the               hole you are  playing.

   8. If you are in a Bunker, please rake it after playing your shot. (Do not walk up the banks of the           bunkers, exit through the back or sides. You are not permitted to 'scoop' the ball out of the               bunker (Two shot penalty). The ball must be kicked in one action.

   9. If you are in an area marked 'Ground under repair' your ball must be dropped within two                  metres no  nearer the hole without penalty. A ball lying within one pace of the course                        perimeter fence is treated  as being in Ground under repair and may be dropped two metres          not nearer the hole without  penalty.


       We have built this Footgolf course for entertainment and to suit all ages skill and fitness            levels. If you wish to take the game of Footgolf seriously and get a handicap, please have          your playing partner mark your score on your scorecard, check it, sign it and return it                after your game. We will keep your cards, record the scores and issue you with a                        handicap after three rounds so that you can enter future competitions.

We look forward to you coming to our facility and we hope you enjoy yourselves whilst here.