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Mini Golf & Foot Golf


18 Holes

Created to emulate a breaking putt on a real golf green this green does not feature much in the way of obstacles or rebounding of the ball. 

Try and curve your ball off the slopes for a dramatic hole-in-one but be careful of your strength or you might end up out of bounds and starting the hole again.



18 Holes

For those who would rather keep out of the sun during the day or play under the disco lights at night!

The Undercover Course is a combination of the older fashioned Mini Golf with concrete curbing to keep the ball in (or rebound off) and our newer style emulating real greens. Get the best of both worlds on this course.

Enjoy the disco and laser lights at night on our Undercover Course also!



9 Holes

Putting not your strong suit? Maybe Foot Golf is more your style.

Foot Golf is like playing Golf with a Soccer ball. Get the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of shots but this time you are kicking it!

Played with a full size soccer ball on an Executive size golf course of our construction. 

Footgolf 4th hole.jpg
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