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Mini Golf



This is a strict condition of our licence 


* Booked Parties excepted.


Children must be closely supervised at all times. Children must be accompanied by adults both on and off the greens and to be behaving appropriately. 

Children are not permitted to run around our venue in an unstructured manner - if your children wish to play in an unstructured manner (i.e. not participating in Mini Golf or Foot Golf) you may be asked to leave if behaviour continues after being warned to cease.

This type of behaviour often spoils the enjoyment of others and/or results in damage to our property.


We do not tolerate unsafe behaviour at our venue. If you are seen to be behaving inappropriately you will be given a warning and then if behaviour continues you may be asked to leave. 

This includes inappropriate use of Mini Golf equipment, disrespectful or inappropriate treatment of our property and not following directions from Staff in regards to behavior. 


Our venue caters to a diverse range of patrons, and we ask everyone to appreciate this and treat our customers with the courtesy they would expect themselves to be treated with. 

Privacy Policy

To enable us to monitor our website’s performance, we may track your Internet Provider address and your session time. We cannot use this information to identify you. You will remain anonymous whilst accessing our website. We may from time to time place a “cookie” or trail indicator in the browser files of your computer. The “cookie” does not contain any personal information. It will enable us to:

Relate your use of the site to information that you have specifically provided to us, such as a member password for any services we may provide via our website; or

Allow your computer’s browser to track searches you have performed on the site.

Mt Gravatt Mini Golf will not disclose for profit or reward any personal information you have provided to us, to a third party except where:

You have provided your consent to do so;

Where it is reasonable to do so in the course of providing any of our products or services to you; or

When the law from time to time compels us to make such disclosure.

You are entitled to request access to all personal information you have given us. You may make any changes you deem appropriate, including the removal of personal information you do not wish us to retain.

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